Inspection plan

The Trading Participants Examination and Inspection Department publicizes an inspection plan every fiscal year. The plan includes the basic policies and priorities for inspections.

Basic policy

With the advantage of proximity to the market as a self-regulatory organization, Japan Exchange Regulation (JPX-R) conducts inspections with the following 4 items as its basic policy:

  1. 1.Market-integrated inspections
  2. 2.Flexible approach to inspections
  3. 3.In-depth inspections
  4. 4.Promotion of improved internal controls

Priority inspection items

Based on the market environment, the following topics have been identified for priority inspection for FY2014:

  1. 1.Development of Corporate Information Management
  2. 2.Development of Order Management and Related System Management
  3. 3.Compliance with Rules pertaining to Customer Margin for Margin Transactions and Collateral for Futures/Options and Risk Management of Such Transactions
  4. 4.Responses based on Recent Increases in Order Numbers, etc.

Inspection Plan for FY2014

Inspection Plan for FY2014 (237KB)
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